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Win-win Cooperation

  Liby establishes more than commercial relations with upstream and downstream partners, since all partners are family members of it. The company has common undertakings, common ideals, common goals and common glories with partners and practice social responsibilities jointly with them……We want to be a century-old enterprise and hope to grow with partners and become a century-old partner with them.

Strict supplier assessment

  Liby carries out a strict admission and elimination mechanism for more than 800 suppliers. Once becoming a supplier of Liby, they start the journey of growing with us. During the assessment, we carry out hierarchical and annual review of suppliers and help them develop development plans, which not only guarantees the purchasing quality, but also encourages suppliers to perform social responsibility together with us from production, transportation and management, helps them realize sustainable growth, become a model in their own fields and professional fields and promotes sustainable economic, social and environmental development of more areas.

Support for Supplier Training

  Reserve of talents is the foundation for growth of suppliers. For this reason, Liby offers trainings on quality management and other skills to front-line workers and organizes them to visit and conduct exchange study in the workshop of excellent suppliers. In this way, we not only help suppliers improve management level and skills of front-line workers, but also show them meticulous quality culture and sense of responsibility for realizing a win-win result.


Promote the construction of supplier’s responsibility system

  Liby requests suppliers to have at least three years of environmental protection and law compliance records and adopt environmental management process and equipment consistent with national and local standards. For example, exhaust gas emission during transportation and three wastes and noise emission should reach the standards; employee’s occupational health and safety comply with national standards; suppliers should abide by a fair business environment; not only should raw materials provided are safe to consumer’s health, but also they cannot have an adverse impact on the environment (e.g.: the degradability of surfactant, the most active ingredient of cleaning products, must reach national standards. )

  Besides local and national standards, Liby encourages suppliers to comply with international standards and pass the certification of ISO14001 (international environmental management standard) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) early. Presently, 54 suppliers have passed the certification of both ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, 61 have passed the certification of ISO14001 and 1 has passed the certification of OHSAS18001.


Liby grew with dealers over the past 25 years. Dealers are the source for growth of Liby and give Liby the initial power.

  Liby helps dealers expand the market, offers trainings to them, helps them improve internal management and then gives them assistance in business and life when they experience great changes. Liby’s family culture also touches and affects dealer’s management idea. As dealers say, “We use Liby culture to arm ourselves and educate children and employees. We do great things together with Liby”.

Dealer Training Plan

  Liby helps dealers develop training plan and cultivate business team and even assign professional manager to help dealers improve management level on the site.
       Liby offers dealers trainings covering all aspects of enterprise operation management from finance, warehousing and transportation, computer application and channel operation to team building. In addition, we collate, refines and summarize successful marketing modes, offer them to dealers and help dealers lay a management foundation, build teams, improve management level and catch up with the group’s development. We conduct above 30 trainings for more than 3600 regional dealers and their sales teams every month in different areas of the country
  Except for centralized training, Liby assigns person to offer product quality maintenance training to dealers at the warehouse and helps dealers understand quality maintenance requirements such as storage and transportation environments, stacking and storage, and truck loading and unloading, identify potential quality risks incurred during storage and transportation, completely eradicate quality accidents such as damage, frost damage and deterioration which may be incurred during storage and transportation and to reduce quality issues and storage and transportation costs.
  Dealer Product Quality Maintenance Management Practice prepared by Liby according to characteristics of dealer’s warehouse mainly introduces safety management and warehouse in/out management of products such as warehousing requirements, warehouse sanitation and hygiene control, warehouse division, warehouse identification management, fire prevention, burglary prevention and waterproofing, helps dealers make effective use of storage space of warehouse, improve handling efficiency and reduce product losses.
  Except for helping dealers achieve a business success, Liby takes advantage of training to discuss with dealers about why to do business, what we can do and what we cannot do and encourages more and more dealers to recognize and practice its culture and social responsibility.

“Future Business Elite of Liby” Special Training Class

  Most dealers of Liby are family firms, which hope to inherit Liby’s business generation after generation and build a century-old Liby and century-old family business.
  According to actual need, Liby initiated successor training plan in 2009: “Future Business Elite of Liby” special training class. By the end of 2018, we have held 6 sessions of successor training classes and trained children of 915 dealers. Some took the family business and became a capable assistant of their parents. Some started their own business and became dealers of Liby. Training for children and business teams of dealers extends Liby’s talent cultivation scope in a strategy way.