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The first “volunteer team caring for left-behind children” in Guangzhou

Liby Group established the first volunteer team caring for left-behind children in March, 2012 in Guangzhou and 285 employees of Liby became the first volunteers. We invest 1 million CNY in schools for left-behind children in rural areas and children of migrant workers and middle and primary schools in poverty-stricken areas every year in the name of “Liby volunteer team caring for left-behind children” so that children are optimistic and self-confident and grew happily.

On the day when the volunteer team was established, more than 50 volunteers came to No. 3 Primary School of Lvtian Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou City, which was mainly intended for left-behind children. Classrooms were simple and crude, water seeped out of floors and there were no desks in the computer room. More than 200 of 6 grades studied there and many of them spent more than two hours on crossing the mountains to get to the school. Liby volunteers renovated the school, played music and games and had Rabbit Dance with children. Meanwhile, we donated 200,000 CNY for scholarships to 50 excellent students, accommodation subsidies of 50 poverty-stricken students and 10 bus lines to students, in order to solve their “difficulties in receiving education”.

   In June, 2012, more than 70 Liby volunteers caring for left-behind children came to Anle Village, Chayang Town, Dapu County, Meizhou, Guangzhou. According to traditions and excellent natural conditions of honey pomelo planting, Liby built “Liby red scarf loving care pomelo garden” together with honey pomelo farmer households with 120,000 CNY and established charitable funds for left-behind children with 80,000 CNY to subsidize poverty-stricken students excellent in character and learning. Within two decades, earnings from 2000 pomelo seedlings would be included in charitable funds for left-behind children and used to improve educational conditions for underprivileged children and left-behind children in order to establish a long-term mechanism, effectively contain dropouts due to poverty and help left-behind children finish school. On the day of project startup, Liby volunteers planted pomelo seedlings of hope, helped the school repair the reservoir, extended sympathy to underprivileged children and donated school supplies and daily necessities to them.

Liby volunteers walked to Qingshen of Sichuan in 2016!

Liby volunteers walked to Anfu of Jiangxi in 2017!

Liby volunteers walked to Jinning of Kunming in 2018!

Love will go on and on in future!