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Green Liby

  Liby reduces the impact on the environment in all links of the entire industry chain from product formula improvement, material R&D and selection, plant construction, production, packing material, transportation, utilization and waste. We have advanced production equipment in production bases across the country, standardize production management and can effectively control “three wastes” emission and carry out cleaner production in order to pursue healthy and harmonious coexistence between man and nature and realize sustainable development of the ecological environment.

01Take the leading in launching water-saving products

 Liby water-saving products greatly reduce times of clothes washing so as to save water. Other than R&D of water-saving products, we reuse wastewater incurred during production “by different quality”, and wastewater from disinfection of washing factory and high-concentration wastewater from clothes washing are completely recycled. As a result, wastewater output decreases by 30% and the effluent criterion increases by 30%. The sewage treatment station of Panyu Production Base was rated as environmental protection demonstration project of Guangdong Province.

02Intensify the use of renewable resources

  Above 70% of raw materials of existing Liby washing products are renewable resources and the biological degradability of all raw materials is greater than 90%.

03Concentration of detergent

  Liby products first obtain “Concentrated Detergent Mark” from China Association of Washing Products and all products are concentrated.


04Application of environment-friendly packing materials

  In order to reduce adverse impact of packing on the environment, Liby mainly proceeds in the following three aspects:
  (Ⅰ) Adopt renewable or biodegradable packing materials, such as materials extracted from plants using biotechnology or agricultural and planting technologies, including materials from plant fermentation, and produce renewable packing materials.
  (Ⅱ) Reduce the usage amount of plastics: Liby greatly reduces the usage amount of plastics through cooperation with colleges and universities.
  (Ⅲ) Fully/partly adopt packing of recycled plastics.

05Garden plant

  People who have visited Liby’s plant are all impressed by green tress and fresh air. The perfect combination of plant and scenery completely subverts people’s imagination of production of the daily chemical industry. Since its establishment, Liby has invested nearly 200 million CNY in construction of safety environment and facilities and transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction of production bases. All production bases need to assess whether surroundings will be affected during production at the beginning of production. We have implemented safety, health and environment management systems according to international Occupation Health Safety Management System standard (ISO18000) and international Environment Management System (ISO14000). Especially in environmental protection management, we exploit the potentialities of low carbon and energy conservation & emission reduction and continuously improve performance of low carbon and energy conservation & emission reduction through identifying and assessing systematic environmental factors.

Emission reduction indexes of Liby during 2015 to 2018

  Reduction of wastewater discharge Conservation of standard coal Reduction of sulfur dioxide emission Reduction of carbon emission Reduction of NOx emission
2015—2018      70t 1.1萬t    810t      2.7t         405t
06Exhaust gas and dust control

  Liby effectively recycles dust incurred during production and suspended particles of washing powder using cloth bag + cyclone dust collector. After dust removal, particulate matter concentration is lower than 80mg/m3 and sulfur dioxide concentration is lower than 100mg/m3.

  The boiler adopts clean energy combustion system and “cloth bag + alkali washing * spraying” device in order that sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and smoke dust contained in exhaust gas meet the requirements of Emission standard of air pollutants for boiler (GB13271-2014) and to realize cleaner production.

07Noise control
08Solid waste disposal