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Employee Care

  The primary mission of Liby is to pursue employee’s material and spiritual happiness. It’s the first job of many employees after graduation and in such a big family full of love they get married, give birth of babies, start their carrier and achieve great success. By 2013, Liby has had more than 10,000 employees, of which 307 had worked there for more than a decade.

Employee satisfaction survey and action:

  Liby has surveyed employee satisfaction yearly since 2006. For problems observed during survey and recommendations made by employees, HR Department organized related departments to call “annual employee satisfaction survey result summary and communication meeting”, jointly discuss and identify reasons and solutions of problems, make resolutions and improve the problems.

Employee satisfaction index of previous years
Year Index
2010 76
2011 76.5
2012 80
2013 81
2014 81.5
Employee training
Year Training duration (h)
2011 182929
2012 201368
2013 231404
2014 254546
Listening to the Voice of Employees

Care for employees from knowing about their needs. We attentively listen to the voice of every employee, know about the difficulties that they encounter in life and adopt their suggestions for the development of Liby.

Daily Morning Meeting System

Liby practices group morning meeting chaired by the president and department morning meeting every day and through sharing minutes of meeting timely masters and communicates operation management, identifies and solves the problems and strengthens communication between top management and middle-level leader and between middle-level leaders and employees.

Monthly Two-level Communication System

Liby established a two-level communication system in November, 2010. Department head conducts one-to-one face-to-face communication with employees in order to solve the most practical problems in work and life and adopt their suggestions for improvement.

Monthly Talent Interview System

  In talent interview system, HR Department directly communicates with key talents, care about and know about their working and living conditions, help them solve difficulties and puzzles about work, life, mentality and family and listen to their opinions and suggestions about construction and development of the company.

Email to President

  Since Email to President was opened in 2011, about 1000 emails had been received up to 2013. Employees reflected problems to the President every day and gave suggestions for the development of Liby.

Employee Care Fund

  In February, 2009, Chen Kaixuan, president of Liby, and Chen Kaichen, the first vice president, invested 2 million CNY in establishing employee care fund in their own names, which gives special care to employees who suffer from serious diseases and accidental injuries and their parents, spouses and children and has given care to more than 50,000 people until now. New employees are included in the Employee Care Fund in the induction month. By 2019, the Employee Care Fund had provided timely help for more than 180 employees or their relatives and the amount was more than 3.30 million CNY.

Medical Aid Team

  Except for inclusive medical insurance, inductive physical examination and annual physical examination, Liby established a medical aid team in June, 2012, which offers the best hospital and doctor resources to employees and their direct relatives with 36 serious diseases. 237 employees have accepted medical aid by now.

Mother-to-be Care Action

  Female employees account for 44% of Liby’s employees. Up to now, more than 800 female employees have given birth to babies while working in the company. In order to give care for work and life of mothers-to-be, Liby advocates “bother-to-be care action” among all employees. We open green channel and reception restaurant of lunch for mothers-to-be and allow them to have lunch ahead of time in order to avoid the rush hour. Besides, we encourage all employees to provide convenience and care for mothers-to-be within their power. For example, they help pregnant workers get in and out of the elevator during the rush hour, extend more greetings to them, try to prevent pregnant workers from contacting heavy substances and engaging in physical work and pass on care for them anytime.

Employee’s Career Development

We believe that we can make a big progress only when every employee makes progress. We has no professional manager but career manager, because employees seek more than a job but a career worth a lifetime to pursue. Employees aged below 30 account for 56% of employees in the head office. In spite of a very young team, we never impose restrictions on growth of talents and above 80% of department directors grow from grass-roots employees.

Talent growth plan of Liby is implemented from the first day of work

  Liby introduces an average of more than 100 university graduates every year, who will participate in 3 months’ military training , get in contact with consumers in the market and have a thorough understanding of Liby products.
  On the first day of work, a tutor (provincial manager or regional manager) will be assigned to every employee. They will impart life experience and job skills to new employees and focus on their ideological change and help improve their skills. President Chen Kaixuan also will participate in the annual forum for university graduates and know their heartfelt wishes and opinions about work.
  Afterwards, we will report on work of new employees semiannually, develop targeted training and talent cultivation plan as needed specific to their development, business and ability characteristics and gradually cultivate them into business backbones.

Senior and Middle-level Talent Cultivation

Since 2006, Liby has sent more than 40 senior and meddle-level managers to study EMBA in Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-Sen University Lingnan College and Xiamen University in order to improve their management ability. We also have carried out professional trainings through four specialized institutions: School of Marketing Management, School of Supply Chain Management, School of Quality Management and School of Brand Management, and helped nearly 50,000 employees become expert-level talents of related fields.

Independent Innovation

  Liby regards independent innovation as the engine of talent growth. Except for offering comprehensive trainings in different growth stages, we encourage independent innovation. In 2012, we first proposed “innovation year”, established innovation headquarters as the top authority of innovation management and first issued Liby Innovation and Progress Management Method. We encourage and promote all improvement or innovation activities which are first created and applied in China, are valuable and can have lasting influence in order to solve the problems, achieve the objectives and improve management and economic performance.

  In 2012, 24 projects with outstanding contributions to operation management mode innovation, marketing mode innovation, new product development mode innovation and R&D and technological innovation were commended and awarded by the company.

  Employee care has been widely recognized by the society: Liby was awarded “2013 Chinese Employer” and President Chen Kaixuan was titled by All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and All China Federation of Trade Union as “Excellent Private Entrepreneur Caring and Loving Employees”.